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KKP 1 (Kuis 6)

  1. Read the statements issued by the PCAOB and SEC on May 16, 2005 and briefly describe the apparent underlying cause(s) for auditors’ failure in applying the concept of reasonable assurance. Hint: Read the portion of the PCAOB’s policy statement entitled “The Importance of Professional Judgment.”

Just like the others auditing standards, auditing standards no.2 is no different from any other auditing standard in that it does not prescribe detailed audit programs. For as long as the profession has established auditing standards, auditors have used those standards to tailor their own audit plans, in a manner that addresses the nature and complexity of the audit client. So that Many participants in the Roundtable, as well as others, have noted, however, that some auditors have in fact failed to use tailored audit plans in their first year of

auditing internal control over financial reporting under Section 404 of the Act and

Auditing Standard No. 2.

  1. Why do you think firms had such difficulty in applying the concept of reasonable assurance during the first year of implementation of Section 404?

Because To accomplish this, the auditor must not only exercise judgment to determine how to apply the standard to audit clients in different industries and of different sizes, but also exercise judgment to focus their work on areas that pose higher risks of misstatement, due either to errors or fraud.


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